Tag: Multi-Layered Security Planning

Cybersecurity is a major concern for most organizations, and hearing stories of companies falling victim to ransomware attacks only makes it more concerning. At INFOCUS Envision, Syntax’s Matthew Rogers, Michael Guerra, and Chris Garner presented on how to recover from and prevent ransomware attacks for JD Edwards.

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) – Database & Technology Day

In this era, data privacy and security is a major concern. It is a challenge to be compliant with the standards as far as data security is concerned. Oracle Advanced Security options provide us easy ways to protect our databases and be compliant at the same time. This session will give an overview and use cases of several impactful Oracle Advanced Security features we have been using for our SaaS applications in real life production systems. In addition to that, there are several other in-house best practice we have developed over the years which might be beneficial for others.

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) - PeopleSoft Day

See how Sentinel replaces time-consuming reports and makes PeopleSoft support easier for you. (COMPARE) Instantly identify differences between environments and user security. (AUDIT) A real-time view of users with Correction Access, Sensitive Data, and Segregation of Duty conflicts. (SECURITY) Take the guesswork out of security administration. See the exact menus and pages assigned to Users, Roles, and Permission Lists.

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) - PeopleSoft Day

2020 introduced a myriad of risks to PeopleSoft data, largely from remote and mobile access requirements stemming from COVID-19. With 2021 approaching, organizations must shift their focus from short-term risk mitigation to long-term risk management. After all, phishing, configuration exploits, and a host of other attack vectors are only becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. Join the PeopleSoft security experts at Appsian as they walk through the top risks to your data in 2021, and how to efficiently implement a long-term risk management strategy that is designed to scale alongside the needs of your business – and alongside the sophistication of various attack vectors!

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, ATCO (Alberta Trailer Company) Group's Ella Kulyk gave a presentation on Oracle Cloud Security from the customer perspective.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, Oracle's own Dane Roberts and Barry Greenhut spoke about proven best practices for ERP Cloud security and audit. The pair discussed ways to design roles in ERP Cloud, certification of user access to sensitive personal data, and protection of data privacy. These three areas of thought fall under the category of replacing error-prone spreadsheet analyses with modern segregation of duties security analysis tools. Roberts and Greenhut also explained continuous monitoring for high-risk changes to both master data and cloud application configuration setups.

Oracle Data Safe is a fully-integrated cloud service that helps organizations secure their enterprise data with a comprehensive set of features for protecting sensitive and regulated data in Oracle Cloud. An Oracle Data Safe introductory video describes the data security challenges that organizations face and how Oracle Data Safe can address with its five main features:
-Security Assessment
-Data Discovery
-Data Masking
-User Assessment
-Activity Auditing

Caroline Wong, Chief Security Strategist at Cobalt.io, a cybersecurity company, wrote an article in Forbes about 10 cybersecurity blind spots that companies should keep an eye on. These are issues that security teams don’t always see or aren’t always accounting for, but they should be.

Barb Darrow, Senior Director of Communications at Oracle, wrote about today’s “unprecedented challenge” of cybersecurity. Technological and legal complexities are continuing to grow in this age of heightened cybersecurity threats—including a rise in state-sponsored hacking. This “unprecedented challenge” was a topic of conversation between Dorian Daley, Oracle Executive Vice President and General Counsel, and Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect during Oracle’s recent Media Days.