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Jun 6

Oracle MAA SIG Meeting: June 2022

SIG Meetings & Calls
Mar 23

Oracle MAA SIG Meeting: March 2022

SIG Meetings & Calls

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Want to learn about Git? If you are thinking about using a Version Control System, this is a session you must attend, also this is a must-have skill for DBAs, Developers and Product Managers! Learn how we implemented this type of technology at CloudDB and how we are been beneficiate by it!

Learn all about Git and Oracle Developer Cloud Services and how to Streamline Team Development and Software Delivery using a SaaS solution.

You will be able to plan and manage: Issue tracking, Team management, Agile Dashboard.

With regards to code: Version management, code review, and track changes.

Plus build and deliver (continuous integration, orchestration, deployment automation) and finally team collaboration (activity stream, wiki, web dashboard).

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

The majority of modern IT solutions consist of multiple systems communicating using APIs. The “common language” is usually JSON. Unfortunately, the Oracle RDBMS did not have native JSON support until version 12c. Previously, developers had to use either third-party tools (the most popular was PL/JSON) or write their own code to support JSON processing. When it comes to database upgrades, the question arises: Should we utilize new features or not? This question is especially relevant when you need to edit 10,000+ lines of code and core system functionality.  The authors decided to accept a challenge and migrate from PL/JSON to Oracle native JSON and share their story with conference attendees.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Robots may be the first to truly learn Machine Learning (ML) and expand into Artificial Intelligence (AI). Python is one of the keys to Machine Learning as we program the invention of Man's Mind to further replace man's most basic tasks. This session will focus on ML 101 and building the future ahead.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

This presentation addresses the essential questions regarding JSON and the Oracle Database:
-How to load JSON documents into the database?
-Storing JSON documents or spreading the contents into relational tables?
-How do I create JSON files from data?
-How to query to large volumes of JSON documents fast and efficient?
-How do I publish JSON documents from the Database?

All those questions will be answered using examples and demos. This presentation contains detailed live demos. All demos will be made available for download.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Can you convert an integrated Data Warehouse to a set of Micro Services?

In this presentation we discuss the benefits of Micro Services, look at how we can convert a working Data Warehouse into independent microservices, discuss the pitfalls and demonstrate a real-life project where we converted our Data Warehouse to Micro Services.  This enabled a small team to provide frequent releases, increase automation, and become more agile.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Anyone can build a chatbot but it takes experience and expertise to build a GOOD chatbot. Simply knowing the building blocks for building a chatbot and how to piece them together doesn't guarantee that what you build will be fit for purpose or add value to the business. You need to know the life lessons, tips, tricks, and pitfalls that can only be discovered through real-world implementations. In this theater session learn the top design tips for building digital assistants and chatbots, all learned from many live implementations.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Are you a Developer or a DBA? Have you used Oracle Developer Cloud Services Before? No? So it's time to learn from sessions that will show you live how you can integrate SQL Developer, Git, and Oracle Cloud to achieve unthinkable efficiency and collaboration.

The future is here, let's take advantage of it today!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

AsterionDB has pioneered the ability to seamlessly store and manage both structured and unstructured data in the Oracle Database.  We couple this with the ability to express any business logic required at the data-layer. These capabilities allow us to now build an architecture that can not be hacked. To be clear, hacking your API is not the same as hacking your architecture/platform. Hacking an API can be as simple as stealing a password - that's bad. Hacking an architecture is what happens when all of your files are stolen or locked up w/ ransomware. That's worse! This session will delve into the techniques required to build an impervious architecture that is easily adept at securing structured and unstructured data.