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Oct 10 @  2:00pm

PeopleSoft users are often tasked to perform a high amount of manual data entry for different transactions that are extremely time-consuming and prone to errors. Join this webinar to learn how Robotic Process Automation (RPA), currently the fastest-growing enterprise technology segment can skyrocket your daily productivity in Peoplesoft (and other systems) by leveraging software robots…

Sep 13 @  2:00pm

Automation is a big change for accounts payable departments.  But it shouldn’t be scary if you carefully manage the change.  Join us on September 13 at 2:00 PM EST for a live webinar that will provide attendees with a step-by-step guide to creating an effective change management plan for automation.  Topics covered will include navigating…

George Danner, founder and president of Business Laboratory LLC and author of The Executive’s How-To Guide to Automation, published a whitepaper on technology for the automation era and four non-AI technologies for companies to embrace now. 

Joyce Boland, Oracle's Vice President of Applications Global Marketing, wrote about Oracle CEO Mark Hurd's thoughts on the new wave of supply chain automation that is coming in today's workforce.

Database I/O wait events can dramatically slow down your business-critical OLTP applications and add continual stress to your life as a DBA. Your ability to troubleshoot and pinpoint the top I/O culprits and address them with a high performance storage infrastructure improves the responsiveness of your Oracle Database and applications you’re responsible for. Join this…

Michelman’s own Zaki Ahmed, Senior JDE Developer, and Trisha Muir, ERP Manager, spoke at COLLABORATE 19 about how the company automated manufacturing processes, the pains and gains of doing so, and how they achieved ROI of less than 10 months.

Lynne Sampson, Oracle’s managing editor of The Modern Finance Leader, wrote about Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s thoughts on why automation improves financial reporting across your company.

Rob Preston, editorial director in Oracle’s Content Central organization, wrote an article in Forbes about what speakers and attendees at Oracle’s Modern Business Experience conference had to say about the future of the workforce. The workforce of the future will be defined by more automation, a diverse mix of full-time and contract workers, and rapidly shifting demographics. The most successful employers in that future workforce will be the ones whose leadership teams get ahead of these trends.

Enterprise security teams face unrelenting risks like phishing attacks, unpatched systems, and unauthorized Cloud applications. The best way to tackle those challenges, according to the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2019, is through the automation of threat monitoring and patching of software vulnerabilities. Alan Zeichick, Director of Strategic Communications for Oracle, wrote an article in Forbes about how automation is increasingly becoming the only effective way to tackle Cloud security threats. Research from Oracle and KPMG examined the threats that organizations are faced with and how automation can help combat them. The report, which came out in February, collected data from 450 cybersecurity and IT professionals from private- and public-sector organizations throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore.

Business leaders are asking themselves, “Why automation and why now?” Automation brings on a relentless drive towards more productivity. IT releases the mind from routine thinking and encourages creativity. Recently, technology has become mature enough for real-world application, and computing power has increased exponentially. Our ability to apply science to more areas and the increase of access to data has led to a perfect environment for automation.