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This video will feature the latest information about the Oracle Commerce product suite roadmap. Video of presentation 100230 as given at Insight North America 17.

Each Oracle Commerce implementation is different and there is always some custom code to addresses different business needs. Along with custom implementation, Oracle commerce platform by itself has undergone major changes in the last few years, so upgrades can be challenging where following Oracle migration guides is not nearly enough, instead a diligent planning and…

This session will feature the latest news and innovations taking place at Oracle featuring the commerce suite as well as emerging trends in the commerce industry. Video of presentation 100240 as given at Insight North America 17.

Learn about the evolving security and latency challenges in eCommerce and how to utilize your CDN features to keep sites secure, optimized and available for customers all year round across all online shopping channels. Video of presentation 100180 as given at Insight North America 17.

It all starts with a secure, stable and fully tuned hosting environment. Hear the platform-specific recommendations on the JVM tuning, JBoss configuration, Oracle Database settings customization and more from an Oracle Commerce architect who spent 20 years building and managing Oracle Commerce sites. Video of presentation 100160 as given at Insight North America 17.

More and more organizations are looking to utilize Public Clouds in order to increase agility, modernize capabilities, and reduce costs. In this session, we will explore how Tenzing is successfully helping our clients migrate "traditional" on-premise applications such as Oracle Commerce to the Cloud. Video of presentation 100360 as given at Insight North America 17.

In this session we will discuss the pitfalls and best practices of Oracle Commerce from a business user perspective. Video of presentation 100210 as given at Insight North America 17.

Techniques in creating or taking your existing e-commerce site and optimizing it's navigation and capabilities to fulfill your business outcomes. Video of presentation 100350 as given at Insight North America 17.

Digital content is critical for compelling digital experiences that engage customers. Global hospitality brand Marriott, like many organizations, manages rich digital content in various locations across the enterprise. While redesigning and modernizing their website, Marriott is building a digital content distribution platform leveraging their investment in Oracle Endeca. Attend this session to learn more about…

Everybody is talking about it. But who is REALLY doing it and what is the value? Video of presentation 100140 as given at Insight North America 17.