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Presented at INFOCUS 20

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In this live demo, you will see the only purging and archiving solution that is specifically designed for JD Edwards World.  Packed with JD Edwards-specific functionality and automations, Purge-it! does the hard work so that you don't have to.  Four levels of data integrity checking, ensure that each document is successfully validated before it is archived.  Documents are also archived as a whole, so that you don’t get any part-purged documents.  All of that validation creates document-level auditing, which is great for internal or external auditors, and shows which documents have been archived, which haven’t, and if they haven’t, WHY they haven’t.  One step processes, anytime cancellation, full reversal options, and simple configuration with Data Selection and Processing Options, are just some of the other great features of Purge-it! World.  Come along and spend the most productive 15 minutes of your day.

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  • 11/10/20

Presented at INFOCUS 20 

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Finance and accounting users love JD Edwards' flexibility and ease-of-use. But, when it comes to reporting, they often find themselves relying on IT or a consultant, which drastically slows down the reporting process. Learn how insightsoftware empowers organizations to look deeper into the sources and uses of cash and provide rich insights into customer behavior and supplier data, fundamental to identifying savings and driving efficiencies.   

If your month-end close process is taking too many days or you are making strategic business decisions without accurate and reliable information, you don't want to miss this session! 

Find immediate time-to-value with an extensive library of JDE-Specific content. 
Gain access to drillable, real-time data instead of static snapshots in excel, and break free from multiple sources of truth. 
End manual data mapping and reliance on IT. 

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Derious Malone, insightsoftware 

Presented at INFOCUS 20 

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Aclara utilizes portals, dashboards, and visuals as a means of streamlining its business systems to deliver JD Edwards data in innovative ways to both customers and vendors. These portals display order statuses, past-due accounts, and other data visuals deemed essential. Providing custom-built dashboards and granting access to pertinent information from any device, at any time, frees up help desks for businesses. Using JD Edwards data as one source of truth allows for an unobstructed view for customers and vendors. 

Join Aclara’s Heather Schloemann, Director Business Systems Applications, to discover how to aggregate and display JDE data with visually informative portals. Learn to build automated portals to deliver mission-critical data, to reduce past-due accounts, and to decrease service resources. 

Learn to build vendor and customer portals fed by JD Edwards data accessible by any device at any time 
Explore the implementation of open AR reports built by ProReports and placed into vendor/customer portals 
Realize the benefits portals bring to a company, saving resources and utilizing fewer service requirements 

Presented by 

Heather Schloemann, Aclara 

Kristen Bassett, ReportsNow 

Nathan Diamond, Senior Business Analyst at Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc., and Daya H. Haddock, President and CEO of TIA, Inc., spoke to Quest about Ajinomoto Foods’ upgrade story from Oracle JD Edwards 9.0 to 9.2.

A note from Jon Vaughn, Quest Oracle Community CEO

To our valued members:

In 1995, Quest was founded as a JD Edwards users group, with a vision of helping users collaborate with each other to learn, help, connect, and share. Over the past 25 years, Quest has remained nimble as it flexed to meet the evolving needs of our members, ultimately expanding to include support for more than 65,000 users of PeopleSoft, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Commerce and Oracle Database & Technology products. As a result, to this day and even in the most chaotic of times, Quest continues to serve as a catalyst in maximizing our members’ business investments through the power of our community, tools, and experiences.

We wanted to make sure you were in the loop on a few upcoming Quest members-only opportunities in November. You’re invited to the annual Quest Meeting of the Members – Tuesday, November 10 at 4pm ET. Join us to celebrate 25 years of learning, connecting and sharing with Quest as we confirm the Board of…

Angie Childs, Director of Payroll and Accounting Systems at Seaboard Corporation, and Seth Chaikin, Managing Director at Grant Thornton, summarized Seaboard’s successful project migrating from JD Edwards World A7.3 to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.2.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: JD Edwards Week, Ward Quarles, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Marketing, walked through the possibilities that are awaiting JD Edwards customers that are looking at migrating from World to EnterpriseOne.

We’re excited to welcome George back for a special session focusing on digital transformation done right:

Without a doubt, companies are eager to join the digital revolution happening across markets and geographies. Many of these efforts labeled digital transformation lose sight of the goal: to create economic value for the owners of the enterprise by making the firm better, faster, cheaper, more consistent, safer, and poised for continued growth. To do this we have to work backward from clear business directives rather than forward from some technological base, no matter how sophisticated that technology may be. President of Business Laboratory, George has seen decades of digital transformation efforts that run the gamut from successful to spectacular failures. In this webinar, we will examine those ingredients of success and put them together into a comprehensive set of guidelines that practitioners can take with them to use after the webinar has concluded.